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By Expressing herself though songwriting, Omoye has developed within an artistic groove. She remembers her Nigerian father gathering the family to play African drums; this became the rhythm of her life. Her mother’s love of jazz led her to discover the language of freedom that jazz music represents. This freedom language became the lifeblood in Omoye’s quest. Pulling from Afro beat, Soul, Blues, Jazz, R&B and Hip Hop; Omoye's composite of multiple flavors of music defines Omoye's style as Jazz Fusion.


Since age 5, Omoye has been recognized for her gift of voice. She has traveled the United States and Canada performing with Creative And Performing Arts Jr and high schools, Rust College Acapella Choir, and The University of Memphis Jazz Singers. She was awarded All State Tennessee Soprano and Chair in All West Tennessee Honor Choir. Omoye also performed with her cover band throughout Historic Beale Street in Memphis Tennessee.


Now in Los Angeles, California, Omoye is pursuing her lifelong dream of being a part of the grand picture of Earth’s music story. She currently performs at venues in Beverly Hills, Hollywood and throughout Los Angeles. Her audiences vary in race and age but share a closeness that she delivers through music.


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